Making a Lover

Find a charming girlfriend close to me from over 500,000 members. Send the message first you like to the opposite gender.

Making Foreign Friends

Find romantic friends around the world. You are matched by Opposite genders who like chatting. Auto-transformation removes language barriers!

Local friend, find marriage partner

The regional classification and age search features make it easy to find and talk to friends in your neighborhood who are ready to marry.

It's okay if you don't speak any foreign languages at all!

Make Foreign Friends

You can find Easily and talk to your friends in countries around the world, including the U.S., Asia, and Europe. Don’t worry if you don’t speak a foreign language. Provides support for real-time simultaneous translation.

I'll show it to you only.

Hidden Charm, Secret Album

Are you curious to know the appeal of hidden Opposite genders and Daily life? You don’t have to ask them to show you the pictures in a row. Find Out From A Secret Album! You’ll fall for it.

Are you worried that you don't have anyone to talk to?

Fast Matching, Infinite Matching

You can get a list of friends who match your criteria at once through matching system. If you don’t like someone, you can continue to be recommend new friends with the click of simple button.

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Fast Conversation

Please fill out the profile.

Please specify age, place of residence, nickname, and my favorite ideal style! That’s basic!

Please put up a nice picture.

Make a good profile picture and a background screen to appeal to yourself. Don’t forget to introduce yourself!

Find someone.

When you are all set, talk to your favorite person! If you have completed a heartfelt profile and a great photo, it’s not hard to make friends!

Introduction video

Are you curious about Amasia? Find out by watching the video.

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Copyright Amasia. All Rights Reserved 2017.

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